It’s a Big Universe out there

I have been having a mini existential rebirth. With everything that is happening to the world at the moment, nothing seems to be what is it. The places I am visiting currently seem to be experiencing tons of environmental changes.

It does get kinda depressing when I am witnessing jungles being deforestation for our ever hungry consumer nations. Lands are being flatten for agriculture in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. In Madagascar, two third of its land has been destroyed for its precious rose wood and semi precious stones. Parts of India especially in the NorthEast of Meghalaya, Arunachal, Nagaland were being slowly eroded for coal, wood and gas. In Borneo, all I could see were miles and miles of palm oil plantations and rolling hills of North Vietnam was filled with coffee plantations as far my eyes could see.

When I came across this song by my childhood favorite cartoon, everything came to me. We are just little specks in the Universe and so be it that we are destroying our little speck of the Universe.

The Animaniacs really brighten my day up despite what I saw in my photos, hope you will too

Happy travels


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