It’s time for me to pee standing up

I have decided to pee like a man.

My greatest peeve while travelling is finding a toilet or a private place out in the open to relief myself.  Not easy for the female traveller. Many times I risked baring my bottom out and frantically looking if anyone was around while doing the deed, sometimes desperately wanting to just bare my bottom especially where there are no bushes to hide or in cities where the only public toilets are those open urinals for men.


There have been a couple of portable urination device for females, including the P-mate, Shewee, Urinelle, Go girl somehow they haven’t been that handy,  the P-mate and Urinelle mainly disposable, not quite what i am looking for if I head for long haul travels while Shewee and Go girl is more of a better option but do they really have to make them all in pink color?? Not all females like pink!

The most bizarre I came across is the Stadium girl,  a portable urinal pouch that attaches to your leg and to your erm you know where,  a device where you don’t need a toilet. Basically you could pee anywhere, even in middle of a crowded market without anyone knowing you are doing that number 2.

Hey at least it beats a human diaper.


3 responses to “It’s time for me to pee standing up

  1. Guys can also use the Go-Girl but dont need the funnel. Yes I 2nd your opinion that pink may not necessarily be for all ladies. Some I know like purple, green, etc. They should do one which is unisex so it doesnt always have to be for ladies only.

  2. Cool post! So far I’ve spoken with ladies, the biggest issue seem to be: a pee in the winter time, when outside, in nature… Some ladies get even angry on men simply because their ass then freezes.

  3. eermm….your friend here is the distributor for Go-Girl in Singapore…LOL

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