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It’s time for me to pee standing up

I have decided to pee like a man.

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Wine skin – a travel companion for your wines

Here’s another in my Travel gear wishlist.

Wine Skin is basically a bubble wrapper that allows you to transport wine bottles in your check-in luggage without the fear of it breaking and messing up your other stuff. The bag seals up and prevents any breakages.

Great way for your favorite wines from that hard to find wineries and safely transport it anywhere.


Kiddle on my travel gear wishlist

One of my wishlist on Amazon is  Kiddle – ebook reader. Great for travels and I don’t have to carry massive books around in my already heavy backpack.  Kiddle books are cheaper from usd$9.90 , I can download e- magazines, catch up with all my other readings.

What’s bad about it?

Its electronic, and it needs charging, difficult for me if I am going to a place with unstable and intermittent electrical source.