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“I AM a Earth Roamer,  a recorder,  a spiritual being traveling on Earth to experience being human”

We think that we have all the time in the world and while engrossed with our daily lives, we never realise that the world doesn’ have much time for us anymore. The world is changing rapidly and many cultures have been lost with the encroaching modern life, so will most of the wildlife and environment. By the end of this decade, we probably see such a huge change of homogenousness and more environmental destruction, many unique cultures and environment be lost forever.

And so, I have decided to get out of my comfort zone to travel intrepidly.  travelling isn’t that expensive after all, I can afford it, I just needed that extra push to get rid of all my excuses and quit postponing my dreams.

This site was created for my travel stories and images, shared with my friends. I am a photographer, not much of a story teller but I do experience the most fantastic events that I won’t trade for anything else.

Join me in my travels, I would love for you to suggest new places.

Meanwhile here is my bucket list

Happy Travels to you.



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6 responses to “About

  1. I read your nice story and i am very impressed with it. I was born in Karakalpakstan state and have been living in Nukus for 30 years, I have never heard stories like yours. Indeed, more stories about former and present moynaq residents should be written, and I think young generation of moynaq city should have a chance in restoring or saving the environment on which they are dependent very much. I served as a guide for foreigners several time to Aral sea tour and at that time I heard from elder moynaq people that they were really ruffians when they were young because initially officials of USSR collected and sent to moynaq all unwanted people but whom it was impossible to kill. Anayway moynaq has many stories which is very interesting. By the way have you been in Aral and have you swum in salty sea.

  2. Paul Inggamer

    re: Guide Papua (twitter)

    I have been a tour leader in Papua for a Dutch tour & travel organisation, and a Jayapura tour & travel operator.

    Do you want a local guide or a guide from outside.
    How many pax, where do you want to go in Papua, and how long..

    I am planning to go to Papua myself in December. If you need a guide by that time, I can help…

    Ciao, Paul

  3. Amazing work May – roni

  4. amazing pictures! thanks for sharing.

    seems like u’ve been to leh recently. i was there earlier in april as well. it was really empty but full of apricot blooms (which look kind of like sakuras btw). weather was unpredictable which hampered our travel plans. but the ladakhis were wonderfully friendly all the same…

  5. real nice…liked the way you have organised..

  6. Aadil Desai

    Hi May,

    Good to read your travel stories here. Nice one about the autorickshaws in Meghalaya. I had read about an autorickshaw race in the southern states of India some years ago where a lot of foreigners had participated in it.