It’s my birthday!

When you read this, I should be in some middle of some jungle out in Papua New Guinea.

As with most of my birthday traditions, I’m travelling somewhere out there just to avoid reminding myself I am one year older.

My birthday wish : Win the lottery become a multi millionaire, travel like I have never travelled before, until then

here’s wishing.

EDIT : On my birthday, I was travelling along the famous Sepik River when a fish literally jumped onto the wooden canoe and onto my lap. Another fish hit me right on my head and escaped. I kid you not. The lucky fish that fell on my lap became my birthday lunch. I am so grateful for it giving me its life. Thank you for the present!

Throughout the trip, the waters were low and there were plenty of fishes jumping out of the water, some hitting the canoe but never quite made it on board until today.


2 responses to “It’s my birthday!

  1. wow! u are interesting! not many people decide to celebrate their birthdays in a jungle, let alone PNG…


  2. Hope you had a great day on your birthday!!! I wish I could also be travelling every time I grew a year older!!! Hope to see your Papua New Guinea pics soon!!!

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