Land of the Naga – last of the headhunters

I dreamt about Nagaland after I saw it on the map one day. Obsessed about the place, it took me a few years before I finally visited this strip of land between Burma and NorthEast India.

The Konyaks are said to be the last headhunters of Nagaland with many of their culture intact. There have been a cultural revival within the last 7 years due to encouragement of the Naga government, the youth and many younger adults do not know much about their tribal heritage and their cultural history.

I left a part of myself in Nagaland, made great friendships and family.  A big thank you to the Toalem family in Mon District who is now known as my Naga family.


4 responses to “Land of the Naga – last of the headhunters

  1. Fascinating pictures. Were these also taken during Christmas? You say in another entry that Reader’s Digest made an error. That photo looks like one of these, and of the same festival, tribe and place? If not did you go during spring and during Christmas? Or did you spend months there from the spring festival to Christmas? Did the tribe host you? How does one stay there?

  2. Great pictures!
    How did you get the permit to this area? I’ve been doing some research on it and apparently there are two ways: independently with minimum four people in the group or via a travel agent.

  3. Unlucky to have not been able to see what you saw but then very lucky to have been able to be there when you were there to meet you!!! Loved your pictures and hope to see you sometime in Mumbai too.

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