Aconcagua and Puente del Inca : Roof of South America

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The roads lead to Chile border got snowed-in for 6 days and I was obsessed with this whole route, patiently stayed around Mendoza for more than a week. This area has one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen, especially when the mountains are covered with snow. Well worth the wait to the mountains of Aconcagua, they say its the roof top of South America, the highest peak of the Andes, reaching 6400meters altura.Some parts of the hike was a little challenging without snow boots, the snowed ground was sometimes knee high. Even though snow powder was the driest I have ever experienced, my hiking shoes were soaking wet after.

Puente del Inca is a natural bridge formed by the river with an old spa built under it. The natural hot spring still flows, causing the yellow sulphuric colored stain on the snowy ground.

While at Puente del Inca, met these 2 crazy brazilians who are making a documentary about their travels to 33 countries of Latin America. I think they are crazier to travel down to Patagonia in strong windy winter, let alone rush thru all these countries in 1 year.

Into the wild : this rusted bus reminds me of Jon Krauker’s book about the young man who ventured into Alaska and died in a bus just like this, in the cold white winter covered grounds.Apparently all were not allowed to cross the Puente del Inca, the bridge covered with yellow sulphur from the hot springs, so I was intrigued when this man walked cross it and climb down to the river underneath. Later I found out he was doing some clearings and getting some rocks for his art stall. He was rather tickled that I wanted to make a image of him

Old abandoned train tracks with avalanche coverings scattered all over, now being replaced by huge cargo tracks. This is the only road that borders between Chile and Argentina making this a heavily used route. Sometimes due to heavy snow or ice, this road gets closed for more than a month during winter

Dogs are everywhere at Puente del Inca. Very friendly and beautiful dogs who are not really that thrilled with the fox that invaded their territory barking aggressively. The sly fox hid well and I initially thought they were barking at the noisy trucks that passed, he appeared and sneaked pass the dogs, creeping pass the Puente del Inca and disappeared before I had the chance to put on my zoom lens.



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