London – A break from my India travels

August 2009

Visited London and South United Kingdom for around 3 weeks. Met up with my friends who were coming from Singapore. London has been a strange place after being in India for awhile. Quite shockingly rude and impatient Londoners although the British I met in the countryside , South UK  seem a lot nicer.

The food has been quite good, thoroughly enjoyed the summer berries from the supermarkets, Sainsburys, Waltrose, Tescos.  Spent most of my time going to the supermarkets and picking up my lunch and breakfast. The variety here is amazing, after travelling in developing countries where you don’t really get much variety, this is food junkie’s heaven. A whole heap of consumerism, rows and rows of fresh food and even more amazing rows of processed foods. All I can say is, UK should be priviledged of having such wide array in their rather large supermarkets that in Singapore or India we call these regular sized supermarkets, ‘Hypermarkets” instead of a regular supermarket.

Didn’t do much photography here, just mainly enjoyed being a typical tourist, eating and sightseeing and taking snapshots some touristy places, but I did go a little insane with all the food and took some photos of the dishes I had.

It was summer, with beautiful berry season under the way, I got a little wild and bought a few punnets of strawberries, blue berries and raspberries daily, munching an average of 4 punnets a day.  We don’t get such fresh and cheap berries here in Asia! This was heaven!

It was food glorious food!


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