Londoners are NOT Helpful at all!

Funny Londoners,

I asked an information booth guy,where is such&such,what time it starts, he replies “OK,you see that corner, turn right,head to that newstand,pick up a magazine call TIMEOUT, from there you will be able to find out the listings and the address” – In my mind, I wanted to shout at him,’SO WHY DO WE NEED YOU TO BE HERE AS THE TOURIST INFORMATION BOOTH HELP?’

He isn’t the only one,
I asked my Hotel reception what time does breakfast start, and what other facilites they have, do they have free Wi-Fi.
The Receptionist didn’t even bother to look at me while hooked onto his computer, he just said,
: “You can find out all the information on the Hotel’s website, the same website you did your booking with us.”

Another idiotic receptionist at the same hotel woke me up at 1.30am in the morning to tell me, I just check in today to pay for tonight’s room. That I should come down and pay for the room. (No, i didn’t, I check in 5 days ago)

“Hello madam, our system shows you just check in and we like you to pay for tonight’s room, you come down and pay now. ”

What is with the service people in LONDON!

One response to “Londoners are NOT Helpful at all!

  1. It’s racism, I spent a couple of months working there and never like the place, especially the London tube, I’ve no idea why their train system is voted world best!! It broke down so often!!!

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