Happy Birthday to Me!

fruit tart

First October :

Happy Birthday to me!!


Happy Independence day to Republic of China!
Happy Children’s Day to all the kiddies in Singapore!
I use to hate going to school on this day, i had to celebrate my special day with the rest of the hundreds out there. I felt sooo un-special.

Bah I am still special!

I am in Phuket at the moment for Thailand’s Phuket Vegetarian Festival!
The vegetarian festival has nothing to do with vegetarianism much, its more a buddhist festival.

First october is also World Vegetarian Day, please support this day and have a non-meat out today. Check the website out http://worldvegetarianday.org/
October is also the month of vegetarian awareness.


2 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. happy birthday to you,i’m photographer ever see you in phuket,i never see a female photographer like you!energetic,rapid,hope to see your photo(vegetarian festival) in this blog!

  2. Good Day Good Time Good life thx for knowledge If we have time get come back visit mE “Travel Blog” http://namtarn.flixya.com :-D

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