Travel Info : Before Getting to Uzbekistan

This has been one of the most expensive travel visa I have ever applied for. As with most Central Asia Countries, they require a letter of invitation from a tour agent prior to applying for a tourist visa. A little hassle, tons of emails and quotes from all the travel agents later, I got my visa and air-ticket.

Here’s all the information

  1. You need a Letter of Invitation (LOI) or Visa Support from an Uzbekistan Travel Agent
  2. The agent will supply you with a LOI number required to apply the travel Visa with your respective Uzbekistan embassy. Took me 1 week to get the LOI.

Getting the Uzbekistan Letter of Invitation (LOI)

Many Uzbekistan travel agents require you to buy their travel products before giving you the visa support for letter of invitation either for a price or for free. It is up to you whether you want to take up this offer, some tour companies require you to book all your accommodations with them, such as Their travel website gives pretty good info on Uzbekistan as well as the different Stans.

There’s the popular whose main business is basically selling Letter of Invitation (LOI) to travellers going to Uzbekistan, Azbebaijan, Kaakhstan, Kyrqyzstan, Turkmenistan. They get their LOI from the travel agents based in the respective stans. If you are planning to visit all the “Stans”, I would recommend you to use them.

The Uzbekistan LOI visa support from Stantours cost us$35 + bank charges.

Don’t pay them through Telegraphic Bank Transfers, it ended up costing me more than us$45 (sg$63), Stan tours require you to pay the bank charges over at their bank of us$20 per transaction. Pay them through Moneybookers which charges a commission of 5%.

The other alternative, a little more hassle is to go direct to the source of the LOI, StanTours gets their LOI from

Arostr Travels require you to pay them through Western Union, although you might be able to negotiate by paying them upon arrival at the airport if you employ their other travel services. They will give you Free LOI if you spend us$500 or more on their services. Be prepared for some slow email response, they take some time to reply.
Updated : Contact Alex of Arostr Travel ,/b>, he may be able to meet up with you personally for the LOI. I also got my train tickets from Tashkent to Bukhara from Arostr. us$21 + us$4 booking fee.

AROSTR travel agency,
Afrosiab street, 66 flat, 13 house, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
Tel: +998 71 256-40-67. Contact: Mr Airat Yuldashev mob.: +998 (90) 186 86 48
email :

Getting the Travel Visa from the Uzbekistan Embassy

You can get a list of Uzbekistan Embassy offices in your respective countries here

I got my travel visa from the Singapore office.

Uzbekistan Embassy in Singapore
20 Kramat Lane, #04-01/02 United House, 228773, Singapore
(Behind Le Meriden Hotel at Orchard Road)
Tel: +65 67343942 , +65 67343943
Operation hours : 10am – 5pm, Mon-Fri

As of September 2008, according to the consulate, submission and collection of travel visa is as above. They have yet to update their website as the time of this post.

It will take 2-3 working days to process the travel tourist visa, call them up prior to check if they have received the LOI application before going over.

You would need :

  • Printed copy of the LOI
  • Two Passport photo
  • Your current passport
  • Two computer printed visa application form, no hand filled form accepted.

You also need to pay them via bank deposit at
USD Account: 260-581954-178

They don’t accept cash payment.

I paid us$65 + rate charges (ard SG$95) for a 15 days travel tourist visa.

It is possible to send a courier down to the embassy, make phone arrangements with the friendly Uzbek consulate at the Singapore Office.

Flying to Uzbekistan
If you are departing from Singapore, best is to fly direct from either Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok to Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Other alternatives would be the more expensive Korean Airlines (fly via Seoul), Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul)

Uzbekistan Airways is annoyingly inefficient and does not email you on the flight schedules. Their website is outdated and has faulty info. The Bangkok Branch does not reply any of my email enquires, the Kuala Lumpur fails to provide any helpful information except by referring me to their similarly inefficient and incredibly slow Singapore agent.

Should you need to communicate with them and their Singapore agent, you need an incredible amount of patience and persistency, somehow they are still locked into the old world of thermal paper faxes and telephones. They will take at least 1 week to response to your emails, or a few days over the phone. There is only one person handling all their operations in Singapore , getting that person’s attention is rather frustrating at times. Keep calling them for flight schedules. They seem to change all the time so be prepared for it.

Uzbekistan Airways Agent in Singapore
Golden World Travel
60 Eu Tong Seng #03-28, Furama Hotel Shopping Center
tel: +65 6323332

Uzbekistan Winter Flight Schedule 2008 : Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok to Tashkent flies only Tues, Wed
Check Uzbekistan Airways for latest flight times

A time of travel
My Airticket cost us$870(sg$1240) with taxes included.
Internal Flight from Nukus to Tashkent : Sg$115.00 one way.

Taking the Train in Uzbekistan

You can avoid the hassle of booking the train online by emailing and pay them the commission. Especially if you are buying the LOI from them, get the train tickets and have them meet up at the airport or the train station so that you can pay them in person. They won’t mind meeting you there if you tell them you are from Singapore. *wink wink*

Otherwise here is the train schedules

Uzbekistan Railway –
Only in Uzbek and Cyrillic, you can use google translator to figure around the website

Trains in Uzbekistan Blog
Some kind soul actually post the train schedules, somewhat up to date, but its good and great to plan your schedule.

My Itnerary

Here’s what i did

    Arrive to Tashkent
    Overnight train to Bukhara
    Bukhara to Khiva via Urgench (train)
    Khiva to Nynus (car)
    Nykus to Moynak (car)
    Nykus to Tashkent (flight)
    Tashkent to Feragana valley (flight)

    I would recommend skipping Feragana valley if you are heading to Tajikistan for hiking.

    As much as I wanted to, I could not visit more of the Karakalpakstan state and visit the nomads which surrounds this quite desolate place. Maybe if I ever visit again, this would be the place I would focus on.

11 responses to “Travel Info : Before Getting to Uzbekistan

  1. hi! i’m a Singaporean female and am considering to travel to Uzbekistan with another female friend for around 7-10 days – would you deem it safe enough for 2 girls to travel? Would also appreciate if you could advise the entire cost for this trip! thank you!

    • ihavetravellust

      visited uzbek in 2008, so the prices will change. it might be cheaper to visit now than previously as more hotels are built. Uzbek is pretty touristy these days. budget between us$120-$180/day for everything. Hotels or small inns might cost between us$40 – up. There are hostels but i did not stay in them, they can be reasonable about us$20. Breakfast is always included in all my stays. Most people aren’t that adventurous with uzbek food, and given you have a short 10days trip will restrict you to only touristy spots, restaurants can be a little pricey, mostly catering to tourists only. Out of the touristy towns, the local towns have really cheap food, flat bread, kebabs, pickles and wheat porridge

  2. Useful info! I just came back from Uzbekistan myself. Nowadays, it’s possible to get a visa upon arrival at Tashkent airport, though a letter of invitation is still necessary.

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  4. Still Uzbek embassy is working in Singapore? for issuing or need to go Malaysia.

  5. It’s very exiting to find this blog. I think that you are a professional at your occupation! I am going to launch a website soon, and your information will be very useful for me… Thanks for all your help and wishing you the success in your business.

  6. Thanks for the details very well. I will come back to you again, when I want to know something.

  7. Many travel agencies require you to book at least hotels to get the (LOI) letter of invitation,suich as a “Salom Travel Service”.I had sent all my documents and they got me visa support in a 6 days.

  8. This is a great website – and this info is invaluable when there seems to be precious little information around on travelling Uzbek. I just paid for my LOI (the stupid way because I’m disorganised) and have yet to make an itinery (see above) but will definately try to include Karakalpakstan now you recommend it.

  9. Thanks for your very useful website. I am a Canadian in Johore planning a trip to Afghanistan via Uzbekistan. Being used to Thailand, Singapore, and Cambodia, this is certainly a hassle and costly! Even costs and delays of Chinese visa pales in comparison. Might just go through Pakistan instead.

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