Guinea Pigs for Sale in Ecuador

In every Andean country, Guinea Pigs are a popular festival feast. Despite it being a peasant meal, it is not exactly a cheap meal. The locals pay quite a bit of cash for each guinea pig.

Here in Ecuador, at Latacunga district of Sasiquilli market. This guinea pig , ‘Cuy’ cost us$30. Preparation of Cuy is not simple and takes a bit of effort.

The more popular version of cooking Cuy is by grilling it on a broaster to a crispy texture. Not exactly quite tasty, Guinea Pigs taste a little like pork, but a fatty and bony version of it.


One response to “Guinea Pigs for Sale in Ecuador

  1. It’s so funny — we think nothing of eating duck or rabbit, but the thought of guines pig makes me queasy… just goes to show that a little cultural relativism isn’t such a bad thing, it’s important to learn about other folks!

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