Central Vietnam’s ‘Authentic’ Well Noodle

Cau Lau Noodles

Place : Central Vietnam, Hoi Ann

Cau Lau is Hoi Ann’s famous ‘Well’ Noodle. The more authentic noodle version is suppose to be made with ‘well’ water from certain part of town. The locals still get their water source from wells, so I dont think it is anything special about restaurants advertising that they are serving “authentic well noodle”. The noodles are everywhere, much of a staple in Hoi Ann. This particular noodle stall at an obscure corner populated with the locals was one of more delicious cau lau I had. The noodle has a chewy and springy texture to it, rather tasteless and bland compared to the japanese handmade noodle, however combined with the various vegetarian condiments such as the springroll, tofu roll, fresh vegetables and herbs and topped with its sweet chilli, it taste flavorsome. Not to mention it was cheap! less than us$0.50 which fills your tummy up! A great meal for a semi-vegetarian like me.

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