Visiting Mount Ijen, the sulphur volcano

Mount Ijen Sulphur Crater

Such a beautiful and surreal place. It took some patience taking this image. The wind would blow in my direction covering the whole place with the odourous fumes. Only every now and then does the torquiose lake reveals itself for a few seconds before covering it again with the sulphur smoke.

Mount Ijen Sulphur Crater

Mount Ijen Sulphur Crater
Its only a 3km accent up and yet took me an incredible 2 hours to climb up! Oh How unfit am I!

Mount Ijen Sulphur Crater
The Mined Sulphur on closeup.

Mount Ijen Sulphur Crater
Sulphur miners in the fume covered crater.

Mount Ijen Sulphur Crater
Finally I reached the crater rim, only to be greeted by this post telling me that there is more to climb if you can withstand the throat burning sulphur dioxide fumes, you could walk up the top of the volcano, or descent to the base of the crater which would take you another 1.5 hours.

Mount Ijen Sulphur Crater

Mount Ijen Sulphur Crater
Amazing surrealist landscape which looks almosts alien and breathtakingly beautiful.



One response to “Visiting Mount Ijen, the sulphur volcano

  1. Great to see your pics here. If you found it difficult would I be able to do it easily?!!! Do let me know how difficult it would be for a guy like me with weak legs and difficulty in climbing up and down slopes.

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