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Largest salt plains in the world with ton loads of Cactus

Bolivia is pretty much known for the famous Salar de Uyuni and here in the Salar, Island of Pescadore or Incahuasi or the island of fish  is pretty much the most well known place to visit. However they should really rename it as the isle of Cactus for it is covered with cacti.

Incahuasi is right smack in the salt flats is an island spruce up with tons of cactus. Got to spend a night at the island after the tourists have left, under the freezing cold skies. I got the idea of sleeping here after looking at all the photos, and realise there isn’t many night shots of the island.

This is the  best place to star glaze or watching the sunset and sunrise touch the horizon. The skies are so clear as it is quite high in altitude (around 3000meters) and no one in sight for miles. Simply gorgeous and well worth the effort to persuade everyone including the travel companions and travel guide/driver to spend the night here. I had to keep harping on the great beauty that awaits all of us when most of the companions were apprehensive about the place. My tour guide cum driver was terrific and very accomodating to my request. It was his first time sleeping at the island as well.

My tour guide cum driver, a sweetheart wanted a photo of him jumping, and request to be dressed in my traditional poncho/manta.

Definately well worth the experience.

A pair of llamas dancing out their mating rituals. Only few llamas on the island of cacti

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