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Moai Statues of Easter Island, Chile

Apu Akivi Moai

One of the mysteries in the world, Easter Island is the most isolated inhabited island in the world. The natives name this island is the navel of the world, rightly so, for it is in the middle of the pacific ocean. It has a few names, the Polynesians call it Rapa Nui, the Chileans named it Isle of Pascua, and the rest of the world simply call it Easter Island after it was discovered on Easter Sunday.

It has always been my dream to visit this island and to view the Moai statues. The people who created these great statues disappeared leaving only a few inhabitants on the island.

While I was on the Island, I witnessed a protest by the Rapa Nui people for their independence from the Chilean government. Being Polynesians,  have closer ties with the rest of Polynesia than the governing Chileans. With only 3000 Rapa Nui and 2000 Chileans on the island, it seem to be quite a challenge to gain independence. Nevertheless, I wish them luck and may they have the success they strive for since 1960s.

Reading their history is both fascinating and tragic. The Rapa Nui people suffered from environmental devastation from over fanatical construction of Moai Statues, captured as slaves by the Spanish, their island were leased to the British as a sheep station. Generations of Rapa Nui people were confined to the town of Hanga Roa and not allowed to venture out to the rest of the island, making them prisoners of their own land.

This is a beautiful island with very friendly and honest people. To visit Easter Island, I would recommend at least a min. 5 full days to visit the various Moai Statues as well as the various hikes around the volcanos and other landscapes.  This is also the place for scuba diving for its pristine waters. Easter island is deceivingly small, the roads are bumpy and takes quite some time to venture out to the various sites.

Circle of stones in Apu Pokura where ceremonies are held. Moai structures push over by the Rapa Nui locals during the era of toppling.

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