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Ayaz Kala Fort, Khorezm Desert, Uzbekistan

Khorezm Desert

Ayaz Kala Fort, Khorezm Desert, Uzbekistan

“I don’t want to travel to everywhere, I just want to travel to Somewhere.”

It got cold while I was there, temperatures dropped from 5 – 1oC and with me not bringing my winter clothes, I was wearing everything I brought. Just like my quote here, I don’t wanna go everywhere in every part of the world, just a few places.

Ayaz Kala, Khorezm Desert

Karakalpakstan Region

Ayaz Kala (Kala means Fort),  Khorezm Desert,  Karakalpakstan Region of Uzbekistan

Once a vibrant city fort two thousand years ago, now a crumbling pile gradually weathered away into dust in this semi dry arid Khorezm Desert. Most people here are nomadic and I hardly saw anyone in this deserted area.