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Edith Cavell Glacier, Canada

The breathtaking Edith Cavell Glacier inĀ  Jasper National Park, Canada is one of the best places to go early in the morning before all the tourists invade the pristine silence, broken with occasional rumbles of glacier pieces falling.

Best time to go is just before sunrise.

You could literally stand in front of the Angel wing’s glacier and just stare for hours!


Glacier Lakes of the Rockies

Jasper National Park, British Columbia, Canada

The Spectacular Canada Rockies

One of the places you should vist before you die is the Rockies. I did it via the Canadian side.

I have wanted to visit the Glacier Parks in North America and the famous stretch of Jasper National Park which is filled with amazing views of Glaciers overhanging precariously in the jawdroppingly gorgeous mountainous ranges. The mountains really put me in place, of how tiny I was compared to these huge monuments of nature.