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It’s Brrrr Cold in Eugene Oregon USA

Temperature in Eugene Oregon during Spring March 2011

I drove five hours down to from Olympia Washington to  Eugene, Oregon, to visit friends whom I met in Guatemala a few years back. Eugene is home of the original hippies and the author of One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Ken Kesey’s LSD Acid Bus.  Eugene is also home of the founder of Nike

Eugene, founded by Eugene Skinner (great choice of not naming the town his last name) is quite a comfortable sized town filled with very groovy people. My friends who retired here have been slowly turned hippie-fied. Perhaps its Eugene’s vibes that was getting to them.

It’s quite a cold morning, quite winter-ly weather for me, coming from the tropics. I have been getting really cold temperatures from Seattle, Washington down to Oregon.  This is suppose to be the ever erratic Pacific Northwest USA Spring weather! Rain, wind and cold!

Eugene also holds the annual Oregon State fair.Where supposed aging hippies as well as the newer versions gather and dance around to celebrate the dying days of hippy-ism, if there is such a word. I shall be back to this lovely town soon.