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Happy Vesak Buddha Day!

vesak day colombo

The holy day of Vesak or Waisak is celebrated all over the world by Buddhists. This day is also the birthday of Buddha, it represents the three milestones of Lord Buddha’s life, symbolising his birth, death and enlightenment.

It is a great time to visit during Vesak where various buddhist temples come alive with devotees performing their buddhic alms.

Here in Sri Lanka, Colombo, the whole city comes alive, and the main streets in the different colonies will decorate with lights, lanterns and decorate wheels of life that feature Buddha stories of devotion.


Galle Face in Colombo

During the long weekend of Vesak festival in Colombo, Galle face became extra special, where all the local Colombo families would come and gather at this great location beside the ocean. It had been such a hot and humid week, quite a welcome relief from the cool winds coming from the ocean

Did I mention the Kites!

Colombo Sri Lanka

Colombo Sri Lanka

Colombo Sri Lanka



A little identity problem – wanna be Apple or Google?

Saw this shop selling computer products in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  It is a little confused about whether it wants to be Apple or Google. The owner came out and asked why I photographed his shop, of course I laughed and said he was rather cool to have such a great sign board.

It is a google or apple store