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Expresso Coffee In Santiago, Chile served by Busty Clad Ladies

The two short days in Santiago, Chile were filled with plenty of great seafood meals and COFFEE!

This coffee crazed traveller here visited a few coffee bars around the city and was left pretty satisfied with the coffee. (gleem)

The coffee bars around Santiago, Chile business district are pretty unique as you would be served by busty sexy ladies, often clad in tight fitting dresses. You would only see mostly Chilean men in their business attire flirting with these ladies. There are no seats, so standing only which suggest it is a quick drink and flirt place.

I found one rather dodgy coffee bar that had more than their windows covered which suggest that there is something more than coffee being served in those. But mostly these coffee bars are pretty transparent and open. You hardly see many ladies drinking in these places though.

You buy your drink ticket from the cashier counter and present them to the lady of your choice. She serves you a glass of soda and a cup of coffee. Tips are optional.

The expresso coffee served in the chain coffee shops are surprisingly pretty good. For around 900 chilean pesos (US$2), you get a pretty decent standard of expresso, served with a glass of refillable soda.

The Starbucks coffee equivalent, Cafe Haiti and Cafe Caribe are found almost every corner of Santiago commercial district.

For crowd watching go around 2pm when it is lunch time, you would see older looking business types talking to these busty ladies, thought I did not really think they were that pretty. That’s only my opinion!



And the Winner of the Coffee Hunt is …

Best cappuccino in the Coffee Crawl of Pacific NorthWest USA

It has been a very frustrating hunt for the best coffee in the Pacific Northwest of America.

I visited Seattle to do a coffee crawl and was left disappointed. Seattle is apparently the coffee capital of USA, however they like their coffee pretty weak or over-roasted and pretty much flat aromatic. My coffee crawl brought me to the original Starbucks in Pikes Market before they turned mega huge, to Belltown, the hip part of town, right up to Capital hill, the hipper part of town to Roy street, the IT hip part of town. Still no good coffee to be tasted.

The next place was Portland, Oregon where Stumptown coffee right near the Portland Saturday Market was the runner-up. The Stumptown coffee at Division Street wasn’t that good with their single origins coffees. A few more cafes, which I had been too sad to even mention here.

After all these hours of driving around, drinking around the two cities, guess what?

The better coffees are made in the city of Olympia, Washington, where almost every corner of this tiny town has a coffeeshop or two with pretty high standards. This has been my home for 3 weeks! Imagine what I have been missing.

So the winner of the Pacific NorthWest Coffee crawl is :

Batdorf & Bronson for their cappuccino! This was judged 8/10 because all their drinks are double expressos, and not diluted to more than 4oz of water like everyone else. This is how the typical italian cappuccino should be done. The coffee had its fruity aromatic tones, well brewed with short frothy hot milk done perfectly!

If you are ever that crazy to fly all the way to Olympia, Washington,

here’s the address.

Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters
200 Market ST. NE
Olympia, WA 98501

Straight Coffee?

Straight Coffee, Singapore

“I shall start my very own Gay Coffee Company pretty soon.. to cash in on the Pink Dollar.”