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Travel Wisdoms – Canada

Due to Rain, the Resolution has been postponed

Taken at Banff, Rocky Mountains, Canada


Edith Cavell Glacier, Canada

The breathtaking Edith Cavell Glacier in  Jasper National Park, Canada is one of the best places to go early in the morning before all the tourists invade the pristine silence, broken with occasional rumbles of glacier pieces falling.

Best time to go is just before sunrise.

You could literally stand in front of the Angel wing’s glacier and just stare for hours!

Signboard wisdoms Everywhere! Part two

Signboard Wisdoms everywhere! Part One

Moving slowly around West to East Canada, I kinda found Canadian humor to be on the very subtle side. It is very prevalent with their sign posts and I found it quite funny at times

So here’s a whole bunch of these sign wisdoms slash postings.

Steelmills of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

This image was taken near the scene where ‘Clean’ the movie by Oliver Assayas starring Maggie Cheung

Occupy Montreal – Occupons Montréal 15th Oct 2011

15th october 2011,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
at Victoria Square or Square du Peuple

It was cold, windy and slight rains, but there were thousands of people at Square du Peuple. A few hundred people took to the streets shouting we are 99% circling the building blocks.

A few others decided to form general assemblies, creating rules on how to gather, to protest, on how to stay on longer. Some were worried about the police chasing them away because of the midnight park rules, its a square, its not a park, its public area, they argued.
Most of the folks gathered, setting up their tents, beating their drums and having a jamming session.

Not sure how long this #OccupyMontreal will last, perhaps only until the wee mornings of Sunday before everyone decidedly return to their warm dry homes for their dreary work on Monday.

“So how long are you gonna stay here,” I asked a man who was carrying his poster declaring ‘No privatisation of public assets’
“Just a few hours here, I gotta get back to my wife and family!”

What is there to protest about in Quebec? They have one of the cheapest education system, good pension scheme. The road systems are bad but only due to corruption within the govt system and inefficient bureaucracy that hinders small businesses.

Life is good here in Canada compared to the rest of the world.

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Niagara Falls

Visited Niagara Falls in Ontario, East Canada during the autumn

It was kinda of a disappointment as I had expected it to be awestruck-ingly spectacular having it being branded as one of the top natural wonders of the world. The drive through Niagara town brought me to a big tacky disneyland type of shops, malls and really bad fast food restaurants, quickly filled with gimmicky museums all the roads. It was not really impressive to have that pass you by before visiting the viewing platform for the falls.

Maybe I was too tired after a long 8 hours drive to get there, or maybe I was too jaded and travel weary to notice the views. Maybe it wasn’t as spectacular as Iguazu Falls in Argentina or Victoria Falls in South Africa. Your whole body trembles when you get to those falls.  In Niagara Falls, you just tremble at the tacky nature of everything surrounding you.

Another Birthday, Another Year of Travels

Another annual complete revolution around the sun and still travelling around, it has been 10 months since I have been back home.

This time I am in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For my birthday meal I had the quintessential heart clogging meal, Poutine. It consist of basically french fries with cheese curds and a brown gravy drizzled on top. It was as disgusting as it looked.

Burger King Meal :  Jalapenos Poutine. Quite bad and definately only eaten when you are so drunk and your taste buds stop working.

Canadian Rockies from the Air

The weather cleared up and I was very lucky to be given this incredible view of the Canadian Rockies while leaving West Canada. The Rockies has been one of the most spectacular and amazing experience in my life.

It was such a great send off.

Islands in British Columbia

Lingered a little longer than expected around the islands of British Columbia.

Not been doing much photography, but here’s a few images