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Anime Festival Asia 2013 – what a riot!

The Masked Panty Guy

The Anime Festival Asia in Singapore last weekend was a total riot. My very first visit to this crazy congregation of teenagers dressed in strangely weird Cosplay costumes. They came from all over South East Asia.

Got to meet with very friendly kids who are so enthusiastic chattered non stop about their favorite characters or manga or lament the fact that this year’s festival wasn’t as good as the previous. All I did was nodded in agreement and pretended I knew what they were talking about when it came to their favorite anime character and the intricate plots.

There were the weird ones, a guy bravely came with as a masked panty hero from a strange Japanese movie. You bet he got a lot of attention!

There were the boys who dressed as their female characters.

Guy in a Nurse outfit

Yes, thats a young man dressed in a Cartoon female nurse. He had rather nice long legs with short short short skirt wth revealing underwear. Sorry about the censorship, these are young under 18 kids.

The guy with the Hello Kitty outfit and his samurai sword. I don’t know if he was being ironic, or just wanted to dress up like a Hello Kitty school girl.


Boys with Dolls

A whole lot of boys carrying their expensive dolls around, the dolls came with tons of costumes and attachments which was changed on a regular basis as they were paraded. Still don’t get the whole concept of boys carrying these dolls around and showing them off. Not cheap either, a doll like this set you back at least us$100+ up

Guy and his Doll


Guy with his doll and a camera with his camera. Get it?


Another guy with a doll and his camera

Guy with his doll on his 3rd outfit change.

Guy with his soft toys

Guy with his macross Doll

Dad carrying his daughter and her doll

Then there was the adult who carried his cutest girl around, I might imagine that those young boys with dolls will one day be having children. Maybe those boys carrying their dolls around the Festival were practising for this.  That could explain their fascination with doll collections.

Photographers gone crazy, its a camera fest galore

There were the over the top male photographers and their expensive gears orgasming on the sexy Cosplayers.  God knows what they will do with their photos.

I asked the photographers in this photo (above) what they were doing with the photos, were they going to post it on anywhere and their reply was no, they are only doing it as a ‘service’ to the Cosplayers. Would rather think their reply was pretty lame excuse, heck.

And more photographers, mostly grown men with fancy cameras going crazy. I would too, maybe next year!

There was the couple who dressed as Finn and Fiona in Adventure time. No one was kind enough to remind the couple, it was a Japanese Anime Convention, not Comic Con. Oh well…  there was no Jake the dog!

Folks, Its not Comic Con, you are at the wrong convention!

Of course there were the regular costume folks who were wearing the latest anime movie, Attack of the Titans. Great Series!

Anime Festival Asia 2014

Model dressed as The humanoid from Attack of Titans

There were the models hired by the various Japanese Anime booths to be camera whored around.

I don’t know what he/she is

And there are the ones who made their own costumes!


The bunny who went around with a social contract document

Anime Festival Asia 2013

She made her own costume, and bought some steampunk items and reworked the whole thing!

He pretty much goes to every Anime convention everywhere including LA Comic Con. Made his costume from scratch which took 1.5 months.  Yes he is wearing heels and kindly wore his heels for my photo.

Usual sexy get up as a Japanese school girl

Don’t know what character she is.

The last day and last hour of the Festival, the paid models for camera whoring were waiting for shut down!

Until the next year, I shall be prepared for a great weekend.