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Thoughts from my travels so far

I love taking photos but hate editing them, procrastination has left me with 100gb of travel photos to go through. Two years worth of travels so far.

Since 2008, I started visiting the different places using Singapore as a base.

Not really a well-travelled person, in the past I did the occasional independent trips around, spending one month at a time.

The year 2007 came to me, I’m not getting any younger, many at my age have already travelled the world. I guess its my time now.

At one of those workshops where you get to plan out your life according to timelines, I decided that I should start travelling and it should be somewhat intensive. I gave myself three years, to travel as much as I can and perhaps maybe stretch that three years to five. Its only two years, I don’t want it to stop.

My plan was to do the whole world, visit as many places as I can, but after a few months, it hit me. I was a little too ambitious.

The world is a huge place and I didn’t want to be one of those competitive travellers who needed to put a stamp of every country on their passports just to proof that they can. I wanted to experience the world, the people, its cultures, the personal lives. This takes time, I slowed down and started spending one – three months at just one region.
You can call me a rather unproductive traveller wannabe.

They say travels change your life, and it really does. The experiences I had made me humble, especially so in India where I made frequent trips to, throughout these two years. The people I met have been tremendously generous and friendly. Some parts especially in the Himalaya region amazes me, there are other places where basic resources like water and electricity, is hard to come by. How would you cope with only one- three hour of electricity a day, and only if you are lucky.

To travel independently takes a little courage on my side, I love my creature comforts, back home I was the official couch potato in my community. I hardly get out to explore my country let alone the region. I am a extremely introverted person, and found it difficult to communicate with others.

Secretly I admired those who did long haul travels and wondered if I could do the same.

All it took was me buying that travel ticket, single way and getting to the plane.

I am truly blessed to be living in Singapore, one of the greatest transport hub to the rest of the world. You can hop back home after a long travel stint, rest and travel again.

A lot have changed in these two years, my beloved grandmother had passed away and fortunately I was with her during her passing, all thanks to my indian visa which expired.

How travel changed me?

I have grew more mature emotionally, a little braver, more confident, and a little less introverted

I am also truly humbled by the experiences I had, the opportunities I have been given, deeply in gratitude with everyone especially my family who made it possible for me to take off to visit this beautiful planet.

Thank you Universe

I have in gratitude always.

More places to discover, and many happy travels ahead


My Favorite Camera Advertisement

This is my favorite camera advert, it is in Hokkien a chinese dialect, somehow its much more expressive than Mandarin

the judge of a true holy person is how she brings rain to a place that has no rain for a long time. :)

Being once on Earth is enough, I really don’t wanna return again, there is so many other places to visit. RT @paulocoelho: You may only live once. But if you do it right, once is enough

Happiness :Scored a bag of Guatemala antigua shade grown coffee beans, gotta ground the beans and add some cacao nibs in the brew! Thx G!

Don’t ask me where I come from and about Learning Hindi

Where do you come from?

– One of the most dreaded repeated questions while I’m travelling.

If you have every local you meet asking you repeatedly then immediately forgets your answer, you would get kinda irritated.

Not many people know where Singapore is, and if they have some remote sense where it is,  they would usually think Singapore is in some part of China.

Often it is some of the Indians who would pretend they know where it is and promptly argues with me where my country should be.

“You are in China hei!”  only after a few seconds of my replying to their repeated Where do you come from question.


Finally after being in India for a few months,  I have succumbed in learning more  hindi beyond the numbers and asking for directions.

Never really felt the need in learning the language since I have been travelling to places where English is more commonly spoken than hindi.

If you are sick of replying the locals who ask you the same question then promptly forgets your answer, you should learn this phrase.

As inspired by my favorite mandarin song


mujhe mat poochhiye ki main kahan se hoon

Don’t ask me where I come from


meri janmbhoomi kahin door hai

I come from far far away

橄欖樹 – Olive Tree by Stephanie Sun

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Random Quote : Paul Theroux

Why do I travel? Paul Theroux describe it perfectly :You have to find out for yourself. Take the leap. Go as far as you can. Try staying out of touch. Become a stranger in a strange land. Acquire humility. Learn the language. Listen to what people are saying.

Travel Lust goes on Hiatus for 2 months… maybe

Apologises for the non posting lately. The Travel Lust has overcome me and I am afraid I have to concede to it. Hence the posting of past photos from my older trips.

For the moment I have been country hopping since September and awaiting my permits to one of my wishlist destinations. I am not even sure if I can even get there as of yet, all these silly red tapes with permits and applications. Crossing fingers, toes and intestinal regions.

Stay tuned, meanwhile as you can see I have uploaded my photos from my past trips to keep you occupied and look out for the upcoming ones when I get my lazy butt to do so.

I have been so lazy, I havn’t been going through all my photos since September. Countries been so far since September : Java Island, Indonesia, Thailand, Jungles of Malaysia, Central Asia.

If I don’t reply to my email, it might be that I have slow internet access or too dead tired to search for a internet cafe. Promise I will reply eventually, so please be patient!

Happy Birthday to Me!

fruit tart

First October :

Happy Birthday to me!!


Happy Independence day to Republic of China!
Happy Children’s Day to all the kiddies in Singapore!
I use to hate going to school on this day, i had to celebrate my special day with the rest of the hundreds out there. I felt sooo un-special.

Bah I am still special!

I am in Phuket at the moment for Thailand’s Phuket Vegetarian Festival!
The vegetarian festival has nothing to do with vegetarianism much, its more a buddhist festival.

First october is also World Vegetarian Day, please support this day and have a non-meat out today. Check the website out
October is also the month of vegetarian awareness.