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Just completed my 10 day Vipassana course in Dharamkot, Dharamsala today! 10 days of silence meditation, no talking or any form of communication. Coming down to Mcleod Ganj is really weird, this place is a strange mix of hippish travellers and tibetans. It is rather cheap to stay here, costing 80rps for a room with a great view, food and other things can be managed cheaply. No wonder these foreigners can live here for a few months.

the delhi music and clubbing scene is huge and very trendy, feels like I am in LA or HK. Am impressed. Back to big cities and airconditioned places with pricey beer and food joints. Great place to be for a few days before heading to visit the Dalai Lama place at McLeod Ganj.

this part of Delhi where I am staying in, kinda feels like Malaysia, spread out residental apartments, some buildings along wide stretchs of roads were empty and deserted, vast void spaces. Big Singapore style metro train stations with aircondition carriages. Trendy clubbing and cafe scene. It kinda feels like home in a way after being in rural northeast india for a few months. So this is what a major Indian city feels like…

The week in Calcutta had been wonderful, visited North Calcutta along old Chitpur road, went to some old Zamindar (landlord) houses, had the best Mishi doi (sweet condensed curd). Thanks to a great Bengali couple, I am in love with Calcutta even more after this trip. Experienced a bad monday where Cyclone Alia blew across the whole city and nearly crippled it for a few days. No internet access, no power or water in some places. I virtually slum through the Cyclone in the safety of a comfy apartment. The Cyclone was kinda bad, people died, homes were lost especially along the coastal areas around bay of bengal.

survived Cyclone Aila in Calcutta, now in Delhi for the weekend, heading up to Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, maybe to Spiti valley then Lakdah. Pakistan is out ftm, Iran is definately on after Ramadan. No internet access from monday onwards for awhile. Kinda homesick for the very first time.

is in Calcutta for a few days, doing some street photography and eating as much bengali street food as my tiny tummy can handle. Incredibly hot humid weather 40oC but the monsoon has come early and giving some relief. Not good for street photography thought.

is dreading the heatwave in Calcutta when I arrive on this coming thursday. Its 40-42oC according to the news. Gulp.