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There are Aliens in Roswell

Met up with a few aliens in Roswell New Mexico.

Famous for the UFO research museum and for the most numerous Aliens sightings. Roswell is the mecca for UFO fanatics, with alien signages all over town. A pity I had only 2 hours to spare here as there are many free stuff to do around this town, compared to most places.

There is the animal desert park, the arts museum, the planetarium etc. All free of charge! Visit the friendly roswell tourist information when you pass the town.

The world’s chilli capital, Hatch New Mexico

How I got to Hatch, New Mexico : Driving through New Mexico border, I got stopped by the borders patrol officers who was checking every car for illegals from Mexico. He noticed a flat on my car and had totally saved my life. If he didn’t stop me to check for my passport, I would have gotten into a serious accident should the tire had a big blow out and there was a high chance of the car getting totalled when driving at 75mph on the freeway.

He was so sweet, got me to the air pump machine, pumped air into the tires and changed the flat to the spare and told me all about getting to Hatch, New Mexico to get my tires fixed.

After getting there, I saw a lot of chilli places and I mean, a LOT!

Hatch, New Mexico, I discovered was the world famous place for chillis and many types of it. I asked the car mechanic which was the chilli place to go, and Chilli Willies was the one to visit. The couple who owned the store gave me a little guided tour around, I did all the chilli taste test and introduced them to the Singapore Chilli padi which is a tiny little power kicker.  I was the first Singapore girl to visit their place, the lady boss said!  Bought their green chilli salsa which had the least heat since I was such a whimp when it comes to chilli, it was freshly canned straight from their kitchen.

Went over to the dried chilli shack along Main street a few buildings over, visited that and bought a bunch of dried chilli for decorations.

Had I not had a flat on the car and saved by the border patrol, I would not have passed this great little town of Hatch and got myself a few chillis!

Venus transit of the Sun 2012

The last venus transit of the sun in our lifetime!

Next one would be in 2117. so this is a special event indeed!

I was lucky to catch this incredible sight and thought I couldn’t make in time time to witness it. After driving to Roswell, New Mexico to visit a few aliens, a lovely lady told me that the nearest place to witness this cosmic event was in Lincoln national park, Sunspot Observatory, almost 4hours away and not in my route.

My plan was to visit the Carlsbad National Park for one of the largest Cave systems in the Northern Hemisphere and i drove there instead disappointed that I would miss out. Was pleasantly surprised that the park had a few telescopes set up for this event and had managed a few hours drive to witness this amazing event.

How things work out sometimes.