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The lady with amazing voice, selling tissue paper

Listen to the Tissue paper song here

This lady with amazing voice use to visit my neighbourhood, selling tissue paper. I won’t call her the Tissue paper lady, but rather, the lady with the voice, selling tissue paper. She has been plying her trade for almost a decade.

However unlike many other disadvantaged Singaporeans, she sings for her sale, rather than just selling them. She was made famous by Tan Pin Pin’s 2005 documentary, “Singapore Ga Ga”.  Check out the documentary, a great piece on Singapore.

Whenever she is around, she really brightens my day with her beautiful singing, making it a rather colorful neighbourhood rather than a static and stagnant one. Thank you, I do hope to see you again.

About Tissue paper selling

A pretty common occupation for disadvantaged Singaporeans. It is not begging, for begging is illegal in Singapore, but a way for poorer Singaporeans to earn a living. In a highly developed city like Singapore where the wealth divide is getting larger, disadvantaged Singaporeans found a way to earn some money. Life is hard here in Singapore, if you are older, or handicapped, or disadvantaged in some way, selling packets of tissue paper may be the only choice.

Lets hope the higher authorities do not put pressure on these folks and raid them, but appreciate that life is tough here, and perhaps they could help and allow these people to ply their tiny trade.

About the Song

It is sang in Hokkien:

Tissue paper, one dollar one dollar, only one dollar

Aunty, Uncle, brother, sister, please help buy, tissue paper

one dollar, one dollar, only one dollar


No 100% Guaranteed Solid Crab

Somewhere at some seafood restaurant in Singapore

When you see this on the restaurant menu, perhaps maybe you wonder if this restaurant is scaring off their customers a little too much?

Apparently if I choose my crab at my own risk, I would need to buy my own insurance too.

I’m scared now.

The food was pretty good, so were the crab dishes which were delicious. Unfortunately for the restaurant it was a little too quiet for their business, while their competition just opposite to them was packed with a queue line.

Does say something about your advertisement doesn’t it?

Straight Coffee?

Straight Coffee, Singapore

“I shall start my very own Gay Coffee Company pretty soon.. to cash in on the Pink Dollar.”

You Can Find Inspiration in Everything

Found at a Cycling Shop – Somewhere in Robertson Quay, Singapore

……  and If you can’t .. look again!

This Uncle Got Character!

Somewhere in Singapore

You could tell by his unusual yellow socks and sandals, that this uncle’s not a regular uncle, found out he was some extreme biker/roller blader/ Yo-Yo Master. He was watching a professional Yo-yo competition at a Singapore Mall.

In Singapore, we would usually refer an older man with a respective title of Uncle. He seemed to be the retro kind

No Drugs allowed at Staircase 3

At a soon to be un-abandoned pre-war building, Singapore

Found this sign at a rather strange location, I wonder why this signage was plastered here. The building was a semi abandoned pre-war era, awaiting for its new occupants. In Singapore, vacant buildings are never vacant for more than a few months since land is expensive and scarce.

Post a letter to the Future (2011) – to Me!

Cat Socrates, Bras Basah Complex, Singapore

This shop in Singapore mimicks the 798 Artist Community (798艺术区) Dashanzi Art District at Chaoyang District of Beijing, China.

The Post of the Future is where you can post date a letter and send it to yourself to receive somewhere in the Future of 2011.

Would you send something to me via snail mail too? Perhaps an airmail /aeromail from your respective country or a country you are visiting. With all that nice stamp and touristy postcard or envelope with a photo of your country or a funky nice photo of a country you have visited? The world of the Internet has become too digital and impersonal, I love to receive a physical organic paper product!

Would you do that?

send me a email, I will pass you my snail mail address!

Looking Forward to it!

– regards
The Travel Lust

At a Yo Yo competition

Yo Yo competition in a Singapore Mall

Everything in Singapore seems to be so serious, even my childhood toy, the Yo-Yo has become such a professional sports. These toys are no longer that $1 toy you buy from the local Ma-Ma (Mum Pop Shops) but seriously expensive toys worth $100 or more, I saw a few sg$250 ones on the shelves!

Can’t just kids play for for fun these days?

Yo Yo competition

Blogging Home – The Erratic Daily Photo Project

I am starting a little short project, its call the Erratic Daily Photo Project, its about home in Singapore, inspired by a few people who created their own little project. I have been constantly travelling to new places and making images of these places, however I seldom do that when I am home in Singapore. Perhaps I should focus more on it. It will force me to take notice around the daily mundane world we are living in, maybe it is not so mundane afterall.

You can see from your own life experience

You can see from your own life experiences how the environment can affect you. When you’re among peaceful, generous, happy people, you’re inclined to feel happy and peaceful yourself. When you’re among angry, aggressive people, you tend to become like them. The human mind is like a mirror. Therefore, it is very important to be conscious of your surroundings and how they affect your mind. –Lama Thubten Yeshe