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Supermoon on Vesak Day in Borobudur temple 2012

6 May 2012 : Vesak day or Buddha Enlightenment day in Borobudur temple, the 9th century Buddhist Temple in Indonesia. The ceremony coincide with once-a-year cosmic event of the perigee moon. Also known as the Supermoon, where the moon is the closest to Earth.

The Vesak event was celebrated with buddhists from all over South East Asia, making their yearly pilgrimage to this tourist site. It rained heavily for the whole day and magically stopped just as the ceremony started. The crowded event had buddhist monks circling the Borobudur temple and releasing lanterns at the end.



Lost in Singapore : The Buddha playstation

Once in awhile, Singapore surprises me with really hidden gems in this ever changing bulldozing concrete jungle.

I came across this really interesting buddha altar while exploring the last kampung in Singapore, Kampung Buangkok. A neighbourhood that once covered most of Singapore.

Not sure why a playstation remote was hanging on one of the buddha statue, but I guess they needed to hang something off buddha.

By the time you read this, it is probably not there anymore.

Blast from the past : when it all began in Angkor Wat

I came across this photo on my facebook account recently. I really love this photo of me in Ta Prohm, Angkor Wat.

Visited Cambodia a few years back with a buddy of mine (might be possibly 2005). This was one of the best trips and it started my whole intense fascination with travelling around the world as well travel photography.

Air travel before the launch of budget airlines within other parts of South East Asia were crazy expensive. It cost as much as me visiting parts of Australia or even Europe for less than 5 hours flight from Singapore.

Visiting Angkor Wat National Park was incredible back then, there were less tourists, air travel was a little cheaper. I crossed the border from Thailand, via the city of Bangkok, making the crazy road trip from the border to Siem Reap with the infamous highly elevated white Toyota that feels more like a bouncy car going through tons of potholes through a dusty road.

Some places around Angkor Wat had hardly any tourists and you could spend a hour all by yourself before you see another group of tourists hoarding the whole place.

The famous Angkor Wat at dawn had many tourists but not as many as it is now.  Ta Prohm ruins where Angelina Jolie had her TombRaider flick shot had even fewer tourists. Siem Reap had the balance of a sleepy tourist town with good touristy places that wasn’t so touristy.

I loved the whole experience and hope to discover more places around the world soon. The world keeps changing rapidly with hoards of people visiting other parts of the world than ever before.  Air travel is becoming more expensive once again but there are more travelling these days.

Scuba diving while being sea sick is never a good idea

Q:How would you know you are terrified of water?

A;You never know until you learn how to dive and get sea sick under water.

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Why jump off a perfectly working plane?

Tandem Skydive 2

Tandem Skydiving wasn’t on my bucket list until recently when the opportunity came. A few folks wanted the experience and I decided to join in.

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There are more humans in the cemetery at night

Taoist Mediums at the celebrations

Hungry Ghost Festival in Singapore is one of my favorite month of the year. The month long celebration of when all hell breaks loose, releasing all the spirits out onto earth to run amok with the blessing of the gods … Continue reading

The lady with amazing voice, selling tissue paper

Listen to the Tissue paper song here

This lady with amazing voice use to visit my neighbourhood, selling tissue paper. I won’t call her the Tissue paper lady, but rather, the lady with the voice, selling tissue paper. She has been plying her trade for almost a decade.

However unlike many other disadvantaged Singaporeans, she sings for her sale, rather than just selling them. She was made famous by Tan Pin Pin’s 2005 documentary, “Singapore Ga Ga”.  Check out the documentary, a great piece on Singapore.

Whenever she is around, she really brightens my day with her beautiful singing, making it a rather colorful neighbourhood rather than a static and stagnant one. Thank you, I do hope to see you again.

About Tissue paper selling

A pretty common occupation for disadvantaged Singaporeans. It is not begging, for begging is illegal in Singapore, but a way for poorer Singaporeans to earn a living. In a highly developed city like Singapore where the wealth divide is getting larger, disadvantaged Singaporeans found a way to earn some money. Life is hard here in Singapore, if you are older, or handicapped, or disadvantaged in some way, selling packets of tissue paper may be the only choice.

Lets hope the higher authorities do not put pressure on these folks and raid them, but appreciate that life is tough here, and perhaps they could help and allow these people to ply their tiny trade.

About the Song

It is sang in Hokkien:

Tissue paper, one dollar one dollar, only one dollar

Aunty, Uncle, brother, sister, please help buy, tissue paper

one dollar, one dollar, only one dollar

No 100% Guaranteed Solid Crab

Somewhere at some seafood restaurant in Singapore

When you see this on the restaurant menu, perhaps maybe you wonder if this restaurant is scaring off their customers a little too much?

Apparently if I choose my crab at my own risk, I would need to buy my own insurance too.

I’m scared now.

The food was pretty good, so were the crab dishes which were delicious. Unfortunately for the restaurant it was a little too quiet for their business, while their competition just opposite to them was packed with a queue line.

Does say something about your advertisement doesn’t it?

Straight Coffee?

Straight Coffee, Singapore

“I shall start my very own Gay Coffee Company pretty soon.. to cash in on the Pink Dollar.”

You Can Find Inspiration in Everything

Found at a Cycling Shop – Somewhere in Robertson Quay, Singapore

……  and If you can’t .. look again!