Further Fabrications of KFC Hitler Fried Chicken Story – A study of lazy reporting.

andrew spooner twitted on 28 July 2013

@andrew spooner tweet on 28 July 2013

When @ Andrew Spooner,  tweeted an image of Adolf Hitler logo character resembling the colonel of  KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken Fast Food chain) o from Amusing Thailand website out to the Twitterverse,  he unleashed something that even he cannot stop…

You would think this is a total riot, a Thai restaurant ripping off KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken logo and using Hitler as their mascot in place of the Colonel!    This was old news of course, the image went around years ago, and we all had a snigger about it while sharing it around the forums and on ancient IRC then I forgot all about it until now. (Thai people have wicked sense of humor, watch their impressive television advertisments and you will agree they are very creative indeed.)

The actual info:

The hitler fried chicken outlet  after going through a few incarnations, name change, logo change, finally closed its shutters somewhere between 2009 – 2010. This was after much protest of its offensive logo and most probably because of poor business. (The address is cursed with bad Feng Shui or was it the Bird Flu). The last incarnation was Feb 2013. Btw It’s not from Bangkok, but somewhere much further north! News wires, it seems think Thailand has only one city.

Here’s where it got more ridiculous, Andrew’s twit got picked up by the main wire, the Daily Mail on 6 July 2013,  then more news wire picked it up, and beyond. A sudden snowball of other news sites posted it on their page, adding their own version to the story. Go Google “Hitler Fried Chicken”

It kinda amuses me :

Huffington Post mentioned a quote from the legal guys at Kentucky Fried Chicken saying its a copyright violation and have sent legal action towards the offending restaurant. (Really? Is that true, dear underpaid Huffington writer?)

The Daily Mail, The Sun,  added a  fictious commenter, Alan Robertson to their article along with changing the location of the restaurant to Bangkok instead of North Thailand. (Alan:  If you are indeed a real person, come visit me and let me buy you a Happy Meal fried chicken at a real McDonalds, stop eating at a phantom defunct restaurant, or did you time travelled to a few years back just to try that fried chicken?) . Hello Reporter :  Thailand isn’t just Bangkok City, there are many other places, seriously expand your geographic knowledge base and stop creating bad Thai Stereotypes.

The Times, Gawker, Eater and right now as you are reading this, more sites and blogs will keep perpetuating this nonsensical misquoted ancient story.

“Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) may sue a fried chicken restaurant in Thailand called “Hitler” for using a similar logo featuring an image of Adolf Hitler in place of the iconic Colonel Sanders.” – ?FAKED?

Bangkok Post posted it until the local Thai people, maybe Spooner(?) corrected the article and took it down,  they posted a retraction to the story.

I didn’t do a full detailed forensics trace to where the image was first uploaded. An image taken probably posted in 2008 or 2009, (hell-hitler, i don’t know anymore). You can google image for more.

Many incarnations of the same restaurant! This address is cursed by Hitler! Totally bad fengshui!  from http://facebook.com/hLerFoodAndDrink

What I learnt from all this?

1.   Don’t trust the news,

2. Always check and verify the story if it is true and still current before posting it to the great beyond,

3. All reporting on major and minor news site are either too lazy to fact check or really robots.

4. News wires killed off all journalists and photographers and replaced them with twitter news.

Then again, who cares.  Just make up further fabrications, add quotes with imaginary people giving their opinion, or misquote your source. Amuse your sheepish readers, it brings in more traffic / profits on your google adsense.

Note :

@ Andrew Spooner is a writer based in the UK, not Bangkok. He is  protesting about it on his twitter with much amusement. (or so I claimed). In a twitter reply to me Spooner mentioned the KFC legal department emailed him about the copyright infringements. LOL.

Update  :  Found this article about it too! Finally a sane person out there!



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  1. I was required to refresh the particular page times to look at this page for whatever reason, however, the information here ended up being worth the delay.

  2. Nice research, thanks.

  3. Woo! the last image :S

    This reminds me of Spanish TV shows made entirely of other people’s Youtube videos. Media is not was it was or what it was supposed to me.

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