Food in East China : Famous Air Dried Chinese Ham

China jin hua ham 3

For you gourmets out there, When you talk about Ham, you would either regard the hipsters choice of Spanish Iberian Ham or Italian Culatello  Prosciutto. Surprising to the rest of you Hipsters, I bet you don’t know China has its version of great Prosciutto.

China jin hua ham 2

The famous ones are from Jin Hua and cost quite a fair bit of $$$$!

China  jin hua ham 1

This particular Air cured Jin Hua ham is best thinly shaved and sprinkle on Shark fin soup. While I don’t recommend you killing Sharks just for its fin and eating the poor creature in a soup broth that is simmered with ham and chicken stock. This is one popular way of serving it. The other is the famous Buddha jump over the wall, a Chinese Soup Brew with many exotic herbs, and animals, yes there is the poor shark in it too.

China jin hua ham 4

Jin Hua Chinese Ham is crazy expensive here in China and can cost as much as your imported Italian Culatello since it comes from old breed of pigs which are fattier and not as genetically modified like the rest.  Good and genuine Jin Hua Ham taste exquisite, and is up to par to the best Iberian Ham out there.  A good Jin Hua ham are incredibly unami in flavor, moist aromatic and not overly salted, unlike the Spanish Iberian.


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