Venus transit of the Sun 2012

The last venus transit of the sun in our lifetime!

Next one would be in 2117. so this is a special event indeed!

I was lucky to catch this incredible sight and thought I couldn’t make in time time to witness it. After driving to Roswell, New Mexico to visit a few aliens, a lovely lady told me that the nearest place to witness this cosmic event was in Lincoln national park, Sunspot Observatory, almost 4hours away and not in my route.

My plan was to visit the Carlsbad National Park for one of the largest Cave systems in the Northern Hemisphere and i drove there instead disappointed that I would miss out. Was pleasantly surprised that the park had a few telescopes set up for this event and had managed a few hours drive to witness this amazing event.

How things work out sometimes.



3 responses to “Venus transit of the Sun 2012

  1. Did you see my pics of the transit on my Facebook page?!!!

  2. Enjoyed your pics besides photographing the event from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan this time and the last time (2004) from the same place!!!

  3. Geographic Designer

    Cool post. New Mexico rocks! Actually, I just finished designing a poster for New Mexico. Check it out:

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