Cholitas – Female wrestlers of Bolivia!

If you happen to be in La Paz, Bolivia on a sunday. Go catch the fascinating and very campy wrestling match between the indigenous women and men. Of course extranjeros (tourists) pay quite a bit more than the locals, but it is worth the experience of watching these beautiful Cholitas, indigenous Aymara women wrestle. The fight in El Alto stadium, one of the poorer areas and somewhat dangerous neighbourhoods especially at night.  The audience and the wrestlers all come from nearby neighbourhoods, gathering every sunday afternoon for the various matches.
Always curious of what goes on in the background, I made my way to the back of the stadium where the wrestlers prepare for their fight. Somewhat disappointed for I was expecting a grand waiting room for the wrestlers only to be greeted by a bland room where each wrestlers are expected to dress and wait for their fights.

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One response to “Cholitas – Female wrestlers of Bolivia!

  1. Did you enter the ring too?!!! ;-)

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