Indigenous Andes Market of Zumbahua, Ecuador

Zumbahua, in the Andes Ecuador is quite colorful and rather authentic. You hardly see many tourists, only a few dropoffs who are on their way to Quilotoa crater lake.

The local indigenous people all dressed in their best, very friendly people who chatted with me and asked me where I was from and why I was there on my own.  The weather was horrid and it was raining constantly, the ground was soaking wet with mud.

The Zumbahua animal market was one of my highlights, I spent more time people watching than photographing them. Watching the sellers of sheeps, pigs and cows waiting for buyers to come along to haggle. It was pretty interesting just to be there.

You got to be in Zumbahua market really early. They start at 4am and witter outs by 8am. Don’t let the locals convince you that it all ends at 10am. The peak of the action is at 7am – 8am where everyone would be packing up what they bought and loading their trucks or buses with live animals and product.

I stayed in the village of Quilotoa which is a much more scenic and pretty place than the town of Zumbahua. Took the communal transport that cost $1 for the 30mins ride to the town.


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