Roasted Pork – an obsession with Ecuadorians

The Andean highlands of Ecuador has one of the best pork dishes in South America. They do everything with pork, roasted pork,  fried salted pork, pork skin that looks more like bubble wrap, pork flakes. When there is pork, there is a way of cooking it.

Fritada with cholco, corn, steamed yuca, fried banana and pieces of fried pork lard. us$4.

Fried pork flakes in the market.

There is chugchucaras, dry pork, a speciality of the Latacunga region. Quite expensive dish which averages around us$5 for a plate for only a few pieces of pork, fried banana, tiny baby cheese empanadas (fried dough fritters), steamed corn, and fried pork rind.

Chicharron with mote is a fried pork with steamed corn that is available everywhere in the streets. I found a great chicharron stand near my place that is always so crowded even thought it is just a street side stand. It is a very tasty and addictive snack for only us$1.50 for quite a big portion.

Hornado de chancho is roasted pork, choclo, steamed corn, fried mashed potato and drizzled with a lot of sour chilli sauce. A typical dish in Otavalo region. The pork is roasted so well that the meat is usually so soft and melts in your mouth tender with crispy pork skin. It usually cost around us$2 per plate in Andean countryside.



2 responses to “Roasted Pork – an obsession with Ecuadorians

  1. just had Hornado de chancho today. it was delicious.

  2. Love all these pictures and the pork in them!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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