Aral Sea in Uzbekstan

That’s me in the Aral Sea, north of Uzbekistan with the rusting fishing boats.

The Aral Sea is one of the places you must visit in Uzbekistan. The boat graveyard serves as a remember of how an inland sea can quickly disappear within 1-2 single generations. Remember to bring really thick and warm clothes as the winds can be crazy cold.


2 responses to “Aral Sea in Uzbekstan

  1. I have not yet visited Uzbekistan, however I am putting it high on my priority list of places to visit. The challenge is the country is not as accessible as some in the location that you need to commit to spend a full week or more in.

    Enjoy your travels

    Kind regards


  2. Yes, I can see you all covered up against the wind!!! Hope to see a wider view of the place too.

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