Blast from the past : when it all began in Angkor Wat

I came across this photo on my facebook account recently. I really love this photo of me in Ta Prohm, Angkor Wat.

Visited Cambodia a few years back with a buddy of mine (might be possibly 2005). This was one of the best trips and it started my whole intense fascination with travelling around the world as well travel photography.

Air travel before the launch of budget airlines within other parts of South East Asia were crazy expensive. It cost as much as me visiting parts of Australia or even Europe for less than 5 hours flight from Singapore.

Visiting Angkor Wat National Park was incredible back then, there were less tourists, air travel was a little cheaper. I crossed the border from Thailand, via the city of Bangkok, making the crazy road trip from the border to Siem Reap with the infamous highly elevated white Toyota that feels more like a bouncy car going through tons of potholes through a dusty road.

Some places around Angkor Wat had hardly any tourists and you could spend a hour all by yourself before you see another group of tourists hoarding the whole place.

The famous Angkor Wat at dawn had many tourists but not as many as it is now.  Ta Prohm ruins where Angelina Jolie had her TombRaider flick shot had even fewer tourists. Siem Reap had the balance of a sleepy tourist town with good touristy places that wasn’t so touristy.

I loved the whole experience and hope to discover more places around the world soon. The world keeps changing rapidly with hoards of people visiting other parts of the world than ever before.  Air travel is becoming more expensive once again but there are more travelling these days.


4 responses to “Blast from the past : when it all began in Angkor Wat

  1. Aadil, don’t envy me or we both end up being envious of each other. I love your travels too, you visited places I won’t be able to visit!

    • Don’t worry, we don’t need to be envious of each other, just appreciate what we cannot see ourselves through the pictures taken by each other!!!

  2. You are one lucky girl, I must say, whether you travel for fun or to enjoy the whole experience wherever you travel to around the little blue planet we have yet to explore fully!!! How I wish I could be like you and see all the wonderful places you get to see and enjoy!!! Make hay while the sun shines as they say!!! ;-)

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