Christmas Mass with pop singing monks

Since it is the Christmas Season, I might post a little video on Ecuador, South America.

Quitenos celebrate Christmas Eve by attending mass either at midnight or earlier before heading back to their homes for Christmas dinner around midnight or 1am. It is a rather quiet affair with few people in the streets except around the churches.

In San Francisco Iglesia, Quito, I was expecting it to be a solemn quiet mass only to be greeted with pretty lively music, young singing monks with live band. The young padre would in between those lively pop music give rather short sermons and even invited a few of the masses to sing along with the band!

This went on for quite a while and everyone was rushing to the front to get their baby jesus nativity dolls to be greeted by the padre after the music

What a great Christmas Eve Mass, who knew!


One response to “Christmas Mass with pop singing monks

  1. Looks really lovely and the church architecture is something that fascinates me a lot. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures and looks like you had a great time at Christmas!!!

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