Niagara Falls

Visited Niagara Falls in Ontario, East Canada during the autumn

It was kinda of a disappointment as I had expected it to be awestruck-ingly spectacular having it being branded as one of the top natural wonders of the world. The drive through Niagara town brought me to a big tacky disneyland type of shops, malls and really bad fast food restaurants, quickly filled with gimmicky museums all the roads. It was not really impressive to have that pass you by before visiting the viewing platform for the falls.

Maybe I was too tired after a long 8 hours drive to get there, or maybe I was too jaded and travel weary to notice the views. Maybe it wasn’t as spectacular as Iguazu Falls in Argentina or Victoria Falls in South Africa. Your whole body trembles when you get to those falls.  In Niagara Falls, you just tremble at the tacky nature of everything surrounding you.


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