Female Cholita wrestlers of Bolivia

Every Sunday in La Paz, Bolivia, locals and tourists alike are entertained by Cholitas, amazing ladies who seemingly look harmless dressed in huge skirts but put up a mean mean fight with Lucha Libre fighters, males in superhero costumes
Cholita wrestlers are indigenous Aymara females in traditional bolivian clothes which resemble antiquated Victorian costumes.

Even thought, the whole wrestling action look harmless and mostly play acting. The Cholitas, female wrestlers do get hurt. Her opponent smashed a gate post on her and she really bled real blood.

Self proclaimed win from the cholita wrestler :  The judge for the match was terribly biased towards the male opponent, despite throwing  the male fighter down several times, this Cholita wrestler officially lost due to extreme biasedness from the judge but that didn’t stop her from a self-proclaimed victory.


3 responses to “Female Cholita wrestlers of Bolivia

  1. “They bleed real blood” As do all Wrestlers, it’s not fake blood and the matches outcomes are predetermined, but, it’s not fake…

    Just thought I’d say…

  2. You mean these matches are not fixed like the other wrestling matches all over the world?!!!

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