Salt Plains of Atacama Desert, Chile

Salt plains of the Atacama Desert in Chile with two other travel pals.

This is just a taste of what to come when I visit Bolivia for the famous Salar de Uyuni.

Stayed in the town of San Pedro de Atacama after a long bus ride of 24 hours from Santiago, Chile.


3 responses to “Salt Plains of Atacama Desert, Chile

  1. Yeah, it was Simon Reeve’s Capricorn and it was so beautifully made too. Did you also have coca leaves to beat mountain sickness (AMS)? That’s what the locals recommended to him and he looked pretty OK after that!!! I have never had any problems in the highest mountain passes in Ladakh and in Tibet where I have travelled for so many days without any effects of AMS so I guess I am lucky!!!

  2. I like that documentary too, was it by Simon Reeve? he did tropic of cancer, equator, tropic of capricorn. love all his shows

  3. Just saw a program on BBC called Capricorn which shows this beautiful place and it was so interesting to see the area where there is no rain at all!!!

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