Coolest Hackerspace in Seattle

Metrix Create:Space Hackerspace in Seattle, Capitol Hill

One of the best things about Seattle is how amazing folks gather to invent, create anything and everything in great community like spaces.

While hackerspaces are quite common these days, Metrix: Create Space in Capitol Hill, Seattle, USA beats the rest for its 3D printers set up.  I can’t really tell you why I am so fascinated with 3D printers in a single sentence. I had dreams about 3D printers even before they invented or developed 3D printers and it grew into quite a reality!

Unfortunately only had the luxury of spending a few short minutes looking around as I had a five hour drive to Oregon. Wish I could participate or learn more of its workshops.


Hackerspaces are community spaces where people gather to invent, create , socialise, mostly technology based projects.

Metrix Create:Space Hackerspace Seattle 3D Moulds

3D printer! So want one of these!


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