Around the world in a jeep since 1984

While in Papua New Guinea, briefly met this swiss couple, Emil and Liliana Schmid who has been travelling since 1984. This amazing couple been around the world in their land cruiser for more than 25 years and still going strong.

They got into the Guinness Book of record 3 times for being the most travelled in a single vehicle around the world.

The ultimate traveller and awe inspiring couple explained how difficult it was shipping their jeep around the world since Sept 11. Finally after a few years, they made it to Papua New Guinea.

So many adventures they must have, very inspiring,  something I might consider doing in the future, but for now I am happy just visiting selective countries.

Trek their journey in Emil & Liliana Schmid website Longest Journey by Car


One response to “Around the world in a jeep since 1984

  1. This is really unbelievable,is fishy. U people! Next u will be telling us dat u spent 2 decades in pluto. Plz try to come up with believable stories. Or u would rather say u travel to several countries cos I hve never seen in lesotho or to see or hear of in any media in the country

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