Post a letter to the Future (2011) – to Me!

Cat Socrates, Bras Basah Complex, Singapore

This shop in Singapore mimicks the 798 Artist Community (798艺术区) Dashanzi Art District at Chaoyang District of Beijing, China.

The Post of the Future is where you can post date a letter and send it to yourself to receive somewhere in the Future of 2011.

Would you send something to me via snail mail too? Perhaps an airmail /aeromail from your respective country or a country you are visiting. With all that nice stamp and touristy postcard or envelope with a photo of your country or a funky nice photo of a country you have visited? The world of the Internet has become too digital and impersonal, I love to receive a physical organic paper product!

Would you do that?

send me a email, I will pass you my snail mail address!

Looking Forward to it!

– regards
The Travel Lust


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