Raskols of Papua New Guinea

Raskols of Papua New Guinea

by Stephen Dupont

Am deciding if I should visit Papua New Guinea this year, via Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia.  The universe is wonderful as such, as soon as I open up the possibility of visiting this country, I keep finding these lovely images.

here’s a small write up about it

In 2004 Stephen Dupont infiltrated a Raskol community to document the individuals behind the facelessness of gag warfare. His Raskol series presents formal portraits of the “Kips Kaboni” or “Red Devils”, Papua New Guinea’s longest established Raskol group. By building trust… over several visits, Dupont was able to set-up a makeshift studio in which to photograph his subjects- mostly young, unemployed adults and teenagers who orchestrate raids, car-jackings and robberies as a means of survival. Raskols focuses on Papua New Guinean youth in crisis, men that have turned to crime, violence, anarchy in a bid to protect the future of themselves and their communities.


2 responses to “Raskols of Papua New Guinea

  1. It’s definitely a place you have to visit! I love to go one day too. Looking forward to read more of your interesting travel stories.

  2. It’s holiday time, so that I can plan what to go this year? Many fans plan their travel package well in advance,

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