Some Images of the Himalayas at tumblr

Created a photo album via tumblr for some of my images of Ladakh, Himalayan India.

After going through about 8gb of images, managed to edit it down to a few. I love tumblr for its micro-blogging platform and its rather creative editable html type. It does help me to present these lovely images without going through the painstaking coding design like most other platforms

Here’s a short collection from my 1tb worth of travel images yet to be edited!

One response to “Some Images of the Himalayas at tumblr

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    Tarung Village Festival
    Tarung Village the most popular the host of cultural event in Indonesia and well known Pasola Sumba, the Pasola is still performed today in West Sumba by hundreds of spear throwing combatants charging at their opponents through an open field, a truly unbelievable spectacle. According to tradition, the Pasola must be preceded by the catching of the Nyale, which occurs in February in Kodi & Lamboya and March in Wanukaka. The exact time is 6 days before the full moon. Take the time and make the effort to get to one of this action packed events, it will be the highlight of your trip.
    The Village is renowned Asian Indonesia tribe’s people. There are a variety of traditional festival, quiet alleyways, and a much-diversified culture to visit.

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