Coffee Art at FoodAsia Expo 2010

Coffee Art Food Asia Expo 2010, Singapore

I visited the recent FoodAsia Expo 2010. It was massive this year with all the halls taken up and gave me little time to go through most of the stalls I wanted to visit and not a lot of time to snap a few photos.

It was a good expo, giving me a few ideas, I was looking for a coffee espresso machine but decided it was too much for home use. An Elektra dual semi-automatic machine was all too tempting, but still priced at sg$6,000+

A quick stop at the Boncafe booth, gave me a few precious minutes to record Barista Artist in action. Henri Koh, Barista Artist, trainer, and one of the judges for the Singapore Barista 2010 was performing his magic and serving overwhelmed visitors a little java for the soul. Thank you Henri for the much needed soul warmer.

Coffee Art

Coffee Art

Coffee Art

Coffee Art

Coffee Art

Coffee Art


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