SUBMIT TO: Hijacked! Dr. Karanka’s Print Stravaganza 7.0 in Singapore

I’m hosting a photo print show, if you are in Singapore, please do come down and take a look.

The concept is rather simple, host a collection of photo prints (about 1000+ by now) in your respective city, totally self-funded by yourself, you receive the prints from the last exhibited city, present it to everyone in your city, then mail it off to the next show.

The Story :
Dr Karanka’s Print Stravaganza is a nomadic worldwide photo show, opened to everybody and everywhere! First started by its namesake, Joni Karanka at his humble little living room, Cardiff, Wales with a simple concept, show off thematic photo prints to everyone. The show soon took a life of its own and travelled around, got exhibited in traditional galleries to shop windows and to many other unconventional places. Places the prints travelled to : Bologna (Italy), Arles (France), Gliwice (Poland) and London (UK), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and now in Singapore for a short time before heading off to Japan. Where do next? perhaps somewhere else!

Everyone is invited to participate, organise and host the Print Stravaganza show in their respective city. Totally self-funded by each host in unconventional places, the print collection gets submissions from each respective countries and keeps on growing. Who knows where this travelling show will head to in the future!

Enjoy the prints in Singapore while it lasts

Date :
15th May – 29th May 2010

Viewing time :
10am – 9pm

Venue :
Samundar Express
Toa Payoh HDB Hub
Gourmet Paradise Food court
Bus Interchange Basement
(same side as Body Shop and MacDonalds)
Opening Party :
15th May 2010
3pm – 6pm

Website :

email :


Its a rush, but i am calling for prints from Singapore as we don’t have many singaporean photographers in the exhibition.

submissions :
– No specific themes
– But give a series of thematic prints (any size below 12R) else the Print Curator Nazi won’t show it off-
– Best 5 – 12 prints for a better thematic series
– Write your name, email, website on the back of the print, so we know who you are!
– The prints wont be returned to you, be prepared to part with them as they will go around the world, they will suffer the stress from all those travelling
– Your works shall not be hang in the most boring way, but wired, clipped, pasted, and all the weird corners and surfaces.
– This is a totally self funded, DIY photo show open for everyone, it must be unconventional and different from traditional exhibitions

Deadline :

Submit them physically on 13th May 2010, 7pm onwards (physical)
At the venue.
Wanna help hang up your prints? Bring your own material, eg. blue tack, clips, strings, etc. It must be unconventional way of hanging it up so think of ways of hanging it up on the wall, but of course subjected to the Curator’s decision with the overall print show.


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  1. Best news for tourist.

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