Happy Half-Way Birthday!

Somewhere in Singapore

It was a great meet with a bunch of OLD friends in Singapore. Imagine that…  we have all lived or going to pass that middle mark of our lives, that big 35. In Singapore where you can’t buy your own property before the age of 35, this is quite a significant year for us. For some warped obscure reasoning, if you are single you can’t buy your own property, (of course if you are a multi-millionaire, you can do anything you want, that’s a different story all together). The property is on a 99 year lease, but in reality its only 40 years, so you really don’t own your property, just paying the land owners the right for you to live in a tiny expensive apartment up in the sky for the next 40 years… or until they chase you out on an compulsory ‘En Bloc’ (I do get a tad political when it affects my life directly)

I shall await for my turn soon! I can’t wait to take up that 30 year house loan to live in my very inflated public housing property too.

Here’s my advise to myself (really it is, you may wish to read along with me too) :

We don’t have much time on this earth, so better start taking care of our precious time and live like we never live before, intensely, to the fullest, and do whatever we want to do, travel where we wanna go, take advantage of the many privileges we have, and be eternally grateful to everyone who have been supporting us throughout our lives. Be in gratitude always, be humble, be everything you ever wanna be, for life is indeed short, make no excuses at all. Don’t waste your time, cherish every second of it. Blah blah blah…  I’m getting on with my life, see you soon.


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