Places I wanna visit before I die

Borrowed a few travel guide books from the library
Am lusting for these places. Travel plans for these 3 years.
Crossing my fingers and hopefully if I send my request out to the Universe, it will probably make it happen for me.


7 responses to “Places I wanna visit before I die

  1. In China, I encourage you to travel along the Silk Road. This will take you very north-west and show you the most obscure, amazing journey.

  2. Hope all your travel dreams come true very soon!!! Can’t believe you have not been to all these places which are so close to Singapore!!!


  3. Try Borneo Indonesia or Kalimantan for real authentic Dayak..especially in Central Kalimantan….

  4. so where in borneo u wanna go ? rather big loh !

  5. Wah! So many places in 3 years. And some of the places are so big, like China, Brasil and Indonesia. You need to strike some major 4D or even Toto to finance all these…

    • china only certain parts : Yunnan, Lijang, Tibet, Guangxi, hei Mu Jiang, inner mongolia
      Brazil : the amazon river bordering with Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, where Rio Negro (black river) meets Solimoes River in Manaus Brazil, where the amazon tribes I love to visit are at.
      Indonesia : Sulewesi, Papau, formerly Irian Jaya, Komodo island and Flores.

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