Greg Mortenson Book Signing in Singapore

Greg Mortenson, author of “Three Cups of Tea” ,
Place: Singapore Books Kinokuniya,
Sunday, March 28 201

Greg Mortenson visits Singapore!

Mortenson was here in Singapore for the International Baccalaureate Asia Conference . Thanks to @farheen for the heads up about this booking signing, I was lucky he had a second public appearance and finally got to meet this great man. Had always wondered how he looked and sound like.

I was given his book by another fellow American traveller and had read the book in the middle of nowhere, up in the Himalayas, coping with only 1 hour of electricity during the night. I loved his first book and really inspired me to wonder what it would be like in Pakistan and Afghanistan, both places I wanna visit but never had the chance to do so. Tthese countries often been associated with violence and terrorism. He did mention it was pretty safe visiting these countries, with him bringing his whole family to these places, but you probably need a local dependable contact to visit remote places like he does.

How I found him?
He is one truly inspirational and passionate person. Filled with strong conviction, who is pursuing his mission relentlessly, pushing for the education of females in remote parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
The question he posted to us all, giving a little speech about the situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan. This really struck me about the whole situation.
“Why were the schools in the remote villages that had been burnt down, all been schools for girls, and why are those proclaiming themselves as devout moslem, threatening all females who want to get themselves educated?”

Why? I wondered, surely this is not being a devout moslem. For Islam has always been promoting kindness to all, being enlightened and always be forward looking to all. Has those involved been ruining the good name of Islam to the rest of the world? Why is Islam being associated with terrorism these days? Western Media do play a big part in it, but you don’t forget that those who preach fundamentalism isn’t being truly religious, its supporting their own causes for control of the less educated.

Why emphasized on educating a female instead of a male?

“For if you educate a boy, you will only educate the individual, when you educate a girl, she will educate the whole village.” – Greg Mortenson


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